Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sea of Galilee metal books

The owner of the books who lives near the Golan Heights. The books are of different sizes. There are 70 of them, they were found in niches in a cave. He refuses to sell them, but has released examples for testing. The lead is from the ancient Roman era and is of Mediterranean origin.

Map of Jerusalem. The text is in pictures. Codices - books were a Christian form, Judaic scriptures were in scrolls.

Portrait of Christ? Note beard and crown of thorns (?).

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Little Judeo-Christian books with lead pages from Jordan

Small books with embossed lead pages no bigger than a credit card and bound with wire were found in a cave in Jordan. "Biggest discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls!" Jordan wants them back, they`re now in Israel.

The Menorah candelabra symbol of Israel.

"The Sealed Book" as in "The Revelation of John".

The palm tree symbol of Judah.

The cave in Jordan where they were found.