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Carved Boulder - Quirigua, Guatemala MJA 1986

The great boulder at Quirigua drawn as a self-portrait - MJA 1986.

Quirigua, Guatemala - zoomorphs and tall stela

Zoomorph P Quirigua - colored illustration.

Zoomorph P from Quirigua - color by MJA 1986 - bordered by Quetzalcoatl frame from Teotihuacan.

Quirigua, Guatemala zoomorph P.

Evidence for the existence of the elephant in Mesoamerica. Drawing by Alfred P. Maudslay - Quirigua, Guatemala 19th c.

From the side panel of Stela D, Quirigua.

Quirigua tall stela F.

Quirigua zoomorph.

Original drawing by Alfred P. Maudslay 19th c. explorer, color by MJA 1986 - side panel from a tall Quirigua stela.

Izapa Stela 1 - The Storm-Bringer/Fisherman Diety

Blue under-drawing for the 2006 Stormbringer Izapa Stela 1.

Izapa, Chiapas, Mexico Stela 1 the carving.

Stela Izapa 1 first version MJA 1986 from the BYU archaeologist`s drawing.

MJA Studio 2006.

Jaguar Mural Teotihuacan - Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico

Netted Jaguar with quetzal headdress hugging the Water Tree of Life - mural from the Temple of the Jaguars - Teotihuacan, color by MJA 1986.

Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Moon.

Teotihuacan, Mexico - jaguar with conch trumpet fresco.

Teotihuacan jaguar mural bordered by Quetzalcoatl rain serpent from Teotihuacan also.

First version of the "Netted Jaguar hugging the Tree of Life" framed by another Teotihuacan wall decoration - the "Feathered Serpent with Rain".

Jaguar in a net, mural from Teotihuacan, color by MJA Studio 1986.

Teotihuacan Rain Jaguar with Water-Tree of Life mural

Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun.

Netted rain jaguar mural from the Jaguar Temple near the great pyramids of Teotihuacan - color by MJA 1986.

Izapa Stela 67 - Rising Sun Diety - MJA 1986

Izapa Stela 2 - Diving Diety with Worshippers and Tree with Fruit

Note "Earth Monster" alligator as the roots of the tree, is it the Tree of Life?
MJA 1986.

Izapa Stela 12 - Rain Jaguar with Worshippers - MJA 1986

Izapa Altar 20 - Man with Horned Guan - MJA 1986

A man with upraised arms faces the Horned Guan of the Chiapas rainforest. They give a loud shrieking cry and are easier to hear than to find. Their black plumage shines iridescent blue in the sunlight and their white feathers are outlined with black. (On this round stone altar the bird was colored as a macaw, but should be black and white as a Horned Guan). The projecting horn on his head, the shape of his beak, and his strong legs identify him.

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Mayan stela - Quirigua, Guatemala - color by MJA 1986

Original drawing by Alfred P. Maudslay 19th c. explorer. Color by MJA 1986.

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Phoenician Ivory from Nimrud - restoration.

Nimrud Lions - restoration - in pink. MJA 1988.

Olmec Cave Entrance and Green Jade Jaguar

Olmec cave entrance - warrior with a Harpy eagle above a jaguar mask. Coloring these pieces required a lot of research into bird identification! MJA 1986

Mayan Murals - collage - MJA 1986.

Phoenician Lions from Nimrud - Ivory

Phoenician Ivory from Nimrud - restoration - 2 Lions in the Tree of Life, MJA 1988.

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Izapa Altar 3 - Cherubim, and Teotihuacan Jaguar

Izapa Cherubim. Izapa - Chiapas, Mexico - MJA 1986.

Teotihuacan Jaguar mural - MJA 1986.

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The Mysterious Iron Cross - Is it Zulu?

MJA 2010 - For full article and photo of original artifact, see "mja favorites" blog.

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Stelae from Izapa, Chiapas - Mexico

Australian parrot colors and other hummingbird coloring with Mexican Quetzal bird on the left.

Parrots - color study using other types of parrot coloring, ie. Australian parrot colors.

New Da Vinci discovered - Savior of the World

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Sea of Galilee metal books

The owner of the books who lives near the Golan Heights. The books are of different sizes. There are 70 of them, they were found in niches in a cave. He refuses to sell them, but has released examples for testing. The lead is from the ancient Roman era and is of Mediterranean origin.

Map of Jerusalem. The text is in pictures. Codices - books were a Christian form, Judaic scriptures were in scrolls.

Portrait of Christ? Note beard and crown of thorns (?).