Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quirigua, Guatemala - zoomorphs and tall stela

Zoomorph P Quirigua - colored illustration.

Zoomorph P from Quirigua - color by MJA 1986 - bordered by Quetzalcoatl frame from Teotihuacan.

Quirigua, Guatemala zoomorph P.

Evidence for the existence of the elephant in Mesoamerica. Drawing by Alfred P. Maudslay - Quirigua, Guatemala 19th c.

From the side panel of Stela D, Quirigua.

Quirigua tall stela F.

Quirigua zoomorph.

Original drawing by Alfred P. Maudslay 19th c. explorer, color by MJA 1986 - side panel from a tall Quirigua stela.

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  1. You have mislabeled Maudsley's drawing of elephants as being from Quirigua, Guatemala. It is from Stela B in Copan, Honduras.